Corporate Social Responsibility Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Corporate Social Responsibility Software that links companies who want to manage charitable giving, volunteering, and other philanthropic employee benefits, with non-profit organizations who receive those contributions. Choose the best Corporate Social Responsibility Software that provides options to engage with causes they choose.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that businesses should give back to economic, social, and environmental causes, often by enabling or supporting their employees to do so. In addition to benefitting communities outside of the business, CSR initiatives can also strengthen the business's internal community, strengthening the relationship between employees and/or the relationship of the employee to the business via commitment to a common cause.

Sometimes, CSR functions as a branding strategy, or at least, has brand benefits: it may be one reason employees want to work for a specific company, or one reason customers want to buy from a specific company. Although CSR programs are usually financial in nature, HR and marketing departments tend to "own" the programs. Marketing departments have a stake in crafting the company/employer brand, while HR departments have a stake in employee engagement and satisfaction. Since HR manages payroll, time off, company events, policies, etc., official volunteering and employee giving programs (which may involve payroll deductions for donations, or paid time off for volunteering) naturally fall within their control.


  • Network of verified non-profit organizations and volunteer opportunities, or tools for authenticating new organizations and events.
  • Event creation
  • Event search & sign up
  • Company donations to volunteers' organizations (often called "Dollars for Doers")
  • Seasonal fundraising campaigns
  • Disaster relief campaigns
  • Credit-card processing (for employee or customer donations)
  • Gift matching
  • Donation history tracking
  • Company goals
  • Employee participation, campaign progress, donation impact, and other analytics.


  • Improve recruitment and retention of top employees
  • Improve your company's ranking as an employer
  • Create a more productive and motivated workforce
  • Help to improve communication between employees and business units
  • Enhance brand image and reputation among key stakeholders
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition
  • Highlight your commitment to CSR
  • Attract socially conscious consumers and investors