Top 10 Human Resources Software: Ratings and Reviews

Top HR software listed in front of you, select the most appropriate one and manage your human capital and indirectly your small business. These online packages also enable in additional management of payroll, personnel and human resource information.

Popular Human Resources

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Sumopayroll offers India’s free cloud-based HR and Payroll Management software for various businesses. The software comes with features that help to manage, track and report the essential employee inf ... Read more

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What is HR software?

HR software is a combination of certain processes used to connect human resources of an organization with the information technology. This software helps in the overall development of the workplace. Human resources systems, human resources software, human management system all are the same and are developing at a rapid pace in order to manage and administer the large workforce of any well established organization efficiently. It is the need of today’s growing industries and firms to organise their human assets to generate tremendous outputs.

Virtuous reviews takes the initiative to help you organise proactively by bringing a well analysed and researched ratings and review list of human resources software which are being used by many well renowned business firms and companies to make their workforce more beneficial. Facilities like Payroll, time tracking, administration, HR, recruitments all are covered under this wide category.

If you own large firm and are in a confusion of how to maintain a well and efficient manpower then here are the options which will undoubtedly eradicate your dilemma and will surely give you benefits and tons of useful outputs and services which your company has promised it customers to provide. So, what are you thinking just scroll and explore the list and give your firm a well disciplined and skilled work force.

Why do we use HR software?

  • Improved Productivity - Employee enquiries can take a lot of time and many members from the HR department. Using software to record information can let some of the staff members to focus on other  tasks and increase the productivity.
  • Decision making - Relevant data is available easily and this improves the speed and quality of decision making. Good quality HR software helps you to update certain relevant areas on time.
  • Measurable ROI - If you invest in the best  HR software, this can lead to  a good amount of cost savings despite the high initial investment. Many functions will be done by the software itself hence a large amount of labor cost will be reduced.

Features of HR software:-

  • Employee data management - It maintains employee general information such as photo, note attachment files, medical information, and complete information related to tax, monthly timesheet, payroll, medical insurance and a lot more.
  • Job opening management - Complete information related to job opening Information, job requirements and skills and staffing status.
  • Applicant management - Recording and maintaining complete applicant contact information, status management and interview setup.
  • HR documents management - Managing all employees and applicants documents by their name or documents. Documents can be converted to PDF form or other applications.

Benefits of HR software:-

  • Increases the efficiency of the entire administration.
  • A good HR system will save you a good amount of money. A single HR system is capable of handling numerous tasks which will ultimately lead to less number of employees in this department.
  • Single system can provide you loads of accurate data without depending on excel sheets or spreadsheets.
  • Most of the HR software have inbuilt disaster recovery features which help you in protecting the data from cyber theft.