Top 10 Learning Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with a list of Top 10 Learning Management Softwares in the world. These learning software helps in providing the best eLearning facilities in various colleges, institutes, schools and corporate organisations.

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Learning management software is a platform for administration, documentation and tracking which is widely being used almost everywhere.

These software are now creating a huge place in all well established firms, organisations and institutes to deliver electronic education to their employees, clients, students or whoever wants to access the information or knowledge. If your firm also believes in overall development of its employees then imparting education and latest knowledge regarding developing technologies is the need of hour.

We at Virtuous Reviews have all set catalogue of ratings and reviews of the leading learning management systems which are an integrated environment of social, mixed and multi-user learning. These options provided by us will engage and motivate learners by providing quality material for proper learning added with timely rewards and points.

Every industry or institution has a goal to be dynamic and flexible so that they can tackle the ever changing needs. Hence to acquire this flexibility they need to be parallel with the latest technologies and they can distribute this knowledge by learning management systems. What they need to be sure about is that they go with a well-trusted system and Virtuous Reviews always makes sure that the alternatives and the software listed by them are the best sources.

How to choose best learning management software?

  • Set your goals, expectations and needs - Before you even start looking at the options that exist today, you need to have a clear sense of what are you trying to achieve, what are your expectations of that product, and what are the needs of your team. Perhaps the best way to find out all of this is to conduct a survey, have focus groups or individual interviews with the important people in your organization, to carry out a thorough analysis.
  • Compile a list of features you want your Learning Management System to have - To be fair, there are so many features to choose from that it can be a real challenge to compile a list of features you are going to need. This is an important step in the process of finding the best software, because it allows you to create a list of features that will give you the power to create the best course for your audience.
  • Bear in mind the technical limitations of your audience - Since you are looking for the best Learning Management System that will have no limitations like your current one, we presume, you also need to have in mind the technical limitations of your audience as well. This is a huge factor when looking for the best Learning Management System, because it determines the level of your multimedia integration and the nature of your eLearning.
  • Make sure it offers a quick setup and a free trial - Always choose a system that is quick to deploy and user-friendly so that it will be easy to work around and adjust. You can always consider choosing a Learning Management System that offers a free trial.


  • Managing users, courses, instructors, and generating reports - This includes uploading courses, assigning roles, recommending courses and generating various reports.
  • Making a course calendar -  This is a feature that enables LMS users to view the available training programs or courses at one glance. As a result, they can send requests for registrations to those that they are interested in easily.
  • Messaging and notifications by learners - You can send reminders and notifications to employees on upcoming training events or deadlines. You can also use the forum to promote existing eLearning courses to encourage more registrations to your courses.
  • Assessments that can handle the student's pre/post testing - You have assessments uploaded which can serve as a follow-up to classroom training programs. You can also have diagnostic assessments to assess the level of knowledge of employees and assign a suitable level to them.


  • Easily tracks learner progress and performance - The best Learning Management System gives you the ability to keep track of learner progress and ensure that they are meeting their performance milestones.
  • Reduces Learning and Development costs - A Learning Management System gives you the power to completely do away with instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed eLearning materials.
  • Reduces Learning and Development time - A Learning Management System can even reduce online training times, thanks to the fact that it gives online learners only the information they need in a direct and organised manner.