Employee Evaluation Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Employee Evaluation Software for modernizing and automating the evaluation processes in an organization. Choose the best Employee Evaluation or Performance Review software that can provide your HR department with tools to examine how effective employees are on the job.

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Employee evaluation software systems automate the cumbersome—and often time consuming—task of regularly evaluating employees. With the right evaluation and employee management software in place, the challenge of strategically developing your organization's workforce becomes a collaborative effort with tangible results. These systems enable employers to focus on identifying top talent and developing employees to better fit the needs of an organization. Employee appraisal software also makes it easier for managers to track employees’ goals and performance throughout the year, and then share this information with authorized users across the organization.



  • Real-time feedback
  • Year-round journal makes reviews timely
  • Optional peer-to-peer communication


  • Create custom forms for reviews
  • Easy 360-degree feedback
  • Email reminders get tasks completed on time
  • Flexible workflows fit your organization


  • Set SMART goals for employees
  • Align those goals with strategic objectives
  • Cascading goals gets everyone on the same page


  • It's cloud-based - Use your web browser to access our software anytime, anywhere.
  • You'll save loads of time - Get rid of paper. Trakstar gives you what you want with the click of a button.
  • Really easy to use - Our designers have spent years refining our product so your users have it easy.
  • With real-time reporting - It's simple to gather insights, track employee performance, and identify top performers.
  • Flexible to meet your needs - Design forms, import users and configure workflows to fit your organization.
  • Tasks get completed on-time - Email reminders make sure your users complete tasks you've assigned to them.