Top 10 Social Media Analytics Software: Ratings and Reviews

We present before you the list of top social media analytics software to help you monitor the changing trends and manage the people’s engagement with your business. Go through the best options listed here and make your social media analysis much better.




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What is a Social Media Analytics software?

Social Media Analytics is very important aspect of marketing strategy today. Social media has become the greatest influence on people’s buying choices. Ads placed on internet are more effective than the ads on any electronic media. When the whole world is going so ‘social’, most valuable insights of customer’s mind can be obtained from there. Virtuous Reviews has collected all the software that can help businesses with the social media analytics.

Social media has a huge heap of customer comments, opinions, needs, expectations about the product you are selling. But it is practically impossible for a person to track down all this information. Hence, use software. These software go through various posts, chats, tweets and gather relevant information to analyse. Including this metrics in the business intelligence strategies, helps in lead generation, better customer service, campaign management, competitor benchmarking, product development, reputation and crisis management. You can tap into the whole world of happy customers.

Knowing what customers are thinking and talking about their products, business strategists can modify their plan for good. And there is also no need to dive into vast ocean of social media data and risk getting lost, just employ a software that does it all for you.

Why do we need a Social Media Analytics software?

One of the most important thing about social media is the engagement of people and your audience. When people talk about your brand, or topics that interest your brand, it’s an opportunity to engage. These social media tracking tools allow you to track these conversations as they occur, giving you the chance to popularize your brand.

Your tools will allow you to measure the effect of your campaigns on your audience. You will be able to track how much activity your posts are getting, and how that traffic is driven.


  • Reporting - Whether it’s a social media marketing team meeting, a meeting with your managers or superiors to update them on your recent performance or getting back to your client as an agency, social media analytics reporting feature is the final thing you should look after.
  • Exporting - There are presentations when you might want to include your analysis data, send it out via email, show it on a TV Screen or include it in a spreadsheet with the help of these tools.
  • Competitive benchmarking - Benchmarking is the first and foremost feature to use if you want to find out how you’re really performing with your social media strategy.


  • It provides a single place to see and compare statistics for all the social media accounts.
  • It helps in influencer identification.
  • Tracking of customer service related interactions.