Top 10 Media Player Software: Ratings and Reviews

Most widely used and prominent media, video and hd media players are reviewed through our foolproof evaluation plan. Choose from the top multimedia devices in the world and enjoy your favourite movies and videos.

What are media players?

A media player is a computer program for playing various multimedia files which include videos, movies and music.  Listening to music, watching a movie all have become a craze in this modernising world. People have opted these as their favourite recreation and why not, as they are actually providing a stress free environment. But these activities are interesting only if we get perfect media players of our choice. How will you feel if your media player does not support any file or is working with glitches in between? Of course you will lose interest.

So we here at Virtuous reviews lessen your burden of deciding the best and the most apt media players for your systems. We list out the top media players which will play all your multimedia files without any hindrance. They are all free to use and download and are easily installed on your PC. They not only support various audios and videos but also 3D formats.

Virtuous reviews, after collecting, comparing and learning about these media players has brought out a fully refined list of some of the flawless players which will provide you the best experience of music, movies without any break.

Take a free trial

As the number of Media Players are increasing in the market and almost every one of them is available online easily hence it becomes a necessity to go through a free trial. It will help you to analyse the services and ensure which one can deliver the required facilities for your system.

Why do we use Media players?

  • To use network media players you have to share one internet connection to share files and media that are stored on one connected computer. Then you can view them on other computers, your TV or even your smart phone.
  • Latest media players also allow you to stream music and photos from the internet, and also give the benefit to download content and store it for later access.  You no longer need to browse the web on your computer to enjoy videos from popular websites like YouTube or Netflix.
  • Their function can be easily built into a TV or other entertainment component.
  • Media players even provide the facility to share your media from the PC, internet or home theatres.

Features of latest media players online:-

  • The media players today have easy to read displays that easy to control from a distance.
  • They provide simple navigation from one file folder to the other.
  • Provide various streaming services.
  • They support a wide variety of formats
  • Frame by frame playback mode which allows you take snapshots or watch your favourite scene again and again.
  • Customizable interface.

Benefits of media players:-

With the availability of these latest multimedia players you can enjoy several benefits:

  • You can enjoy both audio and video file formats in one player. What could be more amazing than that!
  • You can stream online files and play them directly with the help of movie players.
  • Without any additional stuff or add ons you can they will provide their functionalities to the best.