Best African Methodist Church in USA

Saint Philip AME Church


( 11 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

The history of Saint Philip AME Church is an eloquent testimony to the faith of the human spirit. Saint Philip Church began in Reynoldstown (Atlanta, GA) on Renfro Street, under the leadership of Reve ... Read more

Oak Grove AME Church


( 10 reviews )

Detroit, USA


AME Church Publishing House


( 9 reviews )

Nashville, USA

The AMEC grew out of the Free African Society (FAS) which Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, and others established in Philadelphia in 1787. When officials at St. George’s MEC pulled blacks off their ... Read more

Dr. Ralph E. Williamson, is the Senior Pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church. Under his administration and leadership skills, the church more than double in membership and numerous commun ... Read more

First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Los Angeles is the oldest church founded by African Americans in the City of Angels. In 1872 Ms. Biddy Mason received the vision from God to establish a churc ... Read more

Mt Vernon Ave AME Church


( 5 reviews )

Columbus, USA

The African Methodist Episcopal Church tradition dates back to 1787 when Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, and others established the church in Philadelphia.

Saint Paul AME Church


( 4 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church began its Christian fellowship and service in 1868, 5 years following the issuance of the historic Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln and only 3 ... Read more

Payne Chapel AME Church


( 4 reviews )

Houston, USA

Welcome to our website. We believe we have what you are looking for- a place to be connected to God and connected with others with family in mind. We are located in Houston’s Historic Fifth Ward ... Read more

Greater Turner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church seeks to be a people that abide in God's Love for ALL people. Empowering and Encouraging one another - Exalting God.

Faith AME Zion Church


( 3 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website. We pray that you’ll find information here that is beneficial in learning more about us -who we are and what we believe. We invite you ... Read more

Welcome to our website. We have developed our site with you in mind. Our website reveals our passion for ministry and kingdom building. Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church is an establishe ... Read more

At Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church, We have chosen to have God Almighty guide us in our daily operations through his Holy Word. Each meeting of every group in the church is started with prayer, Scripture, ... Read more

St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.), a church in pilgrimage, is currently at its third location since its inception in 1895. The first location was 33 Chestnut Street, a wooden struct ... Read more

We are pleased to have the opportunity to build up and support Christians of all denominations in locating a church home or place of worship using our detailed national church directory. Whether you j ... Read more

The African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church comprises twenty Episcopal Districts. Thirteen (13) in the United States of America (USA), six (6) in Africa, and one (1) embracing the Caribbean, South ... Read more

The Mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating g ... Read more

The African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church comprises twenty Episcopal Districts. Thirteen (13) in the United States of America (USA), six (6) in Africa, and one (1) embracing the Caribbean, South ... Read more

The initial organization of Hunter Hills AME Church began during May 1939 in the home of Mr. George Hunter. While Mr. Hunter provided the space for the initial meetings, Elder Wingfield presided over ... Read more

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The church was established by the people of African descent and it was formed during the year 1816 in order to freedom from white Methodist. It was founded in America by Black people but it welcomes the people of all community as it does not hold any barrier on the basis of race, caste, and religion. The denomination is led by its Bishop.

Albeit if you are thinking to get married in an African Methodist Church then go through their guidelines. Marrying in a church would be enchanting as it will happen in the sacred presence of God.

One perk that every church offer is to become a part of history. Like said history! Churches are actually centuries old and getting married in the same church as your great-grandparent kicked their life, is indeed fantasizing. Moreover, if you are fond of a church that is not as antique as others are then simply you can give your great grandchildren some wedding goals.

Mainly, churches are situated at the tempting location and that thus indeed another element to make your wedding remarkable, whether the location is uptown or downtown church has its own aesthetic value. They are serene and they are gigantic which is a cutting edge over any other venue. Moreover, at the churches, you can organize a grand wedding and can invite as many guests you want to witness the amazing event of your life.

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