Top 10 Peruvian Restaurants in USA

Rincon Limeno Restaurant

Peruvian cuisine, in addition to its Inca origins, combines Spanish, Asian, and African influences to make an eclectic fusion of indigenous crops, spices, meats and seafood.

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Lima Criolla Restaurant

Lima Criolla offers a variety of authentic, Peruvian dishes. We use original recipes and the freshest ingredients available to produce rich and vibrant meals.

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Costa Verde Restaurant

Peruvian Restaurant opened on October 31, 1999. Our priority has always been customer service and giving a piece of Peru in every dish.

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Los Cabos Puro Peru

Peruvian Cuisine has developed over the centuries with influences from Chinese Cantonese, Spanish and Peruvian highlands. It has a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and seafood from our Peruvian Paci ... Read more

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Takatis Peruvian Restaurant

Here at Takatis Peruvian Cuisine, we have the utmost respect for quality ingredients and give our highest grade of attention not only to the deliciousness of our food, but also to it’s presentat ... Read more

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Mancora Peruvian Cuisine

Mancora Peruvian Cuisine makes everything fresh on orders and uses high quality ingredients. We serve authentic Peruvian dishes having more choices in Entrada (Appetizer, Antojitos (Small Plates), Tap ... Read more

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