Audience Response Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 audience response systems that allows event presenters or hosts to interact with the audience present at the event via a mobile device that consists of the best audience polling software. This software enables the audience to cast their vote online or engage with the event hosts through mobile devices.

An Audience Response Software (ARS)  allows large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question. Depending on the solution chosen, each person has a device with which selections can be made or a mobile device that they can use to respond. This software allows presenters, event organisers or hosts to interact with the event audience through polls, text messages, or multiple-choice questions displayed on their mobile devices. Such tools are used to build engagement among the audience and the organisers.


  • ARS facilitates real-time audience voting and response.
  • It is easily accessible via web browser, mobile browser, SMS or mobile apps.
  • Visual display of polling results.
  • It also provides reporting and analytics data on audience responses and interactions.


  • Improves attentiveness as it helps event organisers in engaging audience through the online voting mobile devices.
  • The audience response software allows its audience to poll anonymously via hand-held remotes.
  • The ARS includes software that runs on the presenter's computer that records and evaluates the responses by audience members that display polling results immediately.