Event Planning Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 event planning software that is used by event planners in conjunction with the best event management software, such as registration & ticketing tools or mobile event app software.

The event planning software manages the logistics of running a conference or event, such as developing a schedule, allocating employee resources, tracking spending and payments, or developing an exhibit layout. This software also enables the user to streamline the exploration process.


  • Compatible With All Devices:- The responsive Web design lets you access our event planning software via Web browsers on any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Collaboration:- Invite co-workers, vendors, contractors and clients into your account to collaborate with them and set permissions for what information they can access.
  • Customisation:- Choose the background and font of your account. Customise your dashboard and PDF downloads with your company logo and details. And much more.


  • Data Security and Backup:- This software enables you to backup every day’s data remotely and employs robust security practices to help ensure your information is safe.
  • Time tracking:- This planning software track the hours you and your team have worked for each event and it also runs the report for those events.
  • Lead Tracking:- Put our customizable Web forms on your Website to collect lead information, then use our tools to track each lead through the sales cycle.