Top 10 Fleet Maintenance Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Best-performing Fleet Maintenance Software Programs all across the world. These programs have simplified the maintenance of gps vehicle tracking software to manage and organize millions of heavy equipment including web-based truck, auto, car maintenance by embedding tracking systems like GPS at best costs.

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Fleet maintenance software programs track and organize repair maintenance information of your fleet. It is scalable enough to let you know the information, you are seeking for. The colour-coded alerts enable users to know which vehicle is done with service and which is left due. Any on the spot or unexpected maintenance is also observed and recorded in sheets. It meets the desires of fleet professionals operating all over the globe.

It includes features such as flexible screen design, accident management and dynamic maintenance. These web-based solutions are highly flexible and user-friendly.

How Fleet Maintenance Software helps?

Fleet maintenance software is truly flexible to meet the requirements of the business process and very easy to use and learn. The ERP system does not need a skilled workforce to run it and gives a high return. Flexible approach makes fleet management software affordable for everyone, for both small and big corporate company. Most importantly, its transport application has the potential to work in online as well as in offline mode.


  • Monitoring Helps To Improve Fuel Efficiency And Reduce Cost - Fleet management operation allows monitoring at affordable costs. They provide rich vehicle diagnostics and behaviour monitoring without lower cost. Therefore, maintaining the life cycle of a vehicle.
  • Reduce Fuel Fraud And Fuel Card Abuse - Tracking of vehicle usage, actual fuel usage and unauthorized use decreases fraud by employees and contractors.
  • Better Management Of Vehicles - Time can be planned with greater efficiency and output can be kept at a high level. Fleet maintenance systems also assist businesses to keep precise records of hours worked by employees, which is essential for good planning as well as for auditing purposes.
  • Improve Safety Monitoring And Driver Safety - By tracking driver performance and activities like speeding, aggressive braking and rapid acceleration, one can make sure the safety of both, driver as well as a client.  Fleet maintenance software monitors track on driver performance and create safety profiles


  • Efficient CRM - It offers efficient lead management, Contact Management, Reporting, Mass Email
  • Provides Security and Support - It provides huge support in online knowledge base and community, takes automatic Server Backups and most importantly, it does not charge any setup fees or upgrade fees.
  • Offers Real-Time Visibility - It gives interactive user-interface as well as shows real-time vehicle locations, customers, and routes.
  • Advanced Reporting - It helps in maintaining a historical record of vehicle routes, bread crumbling, along with route analysis.
  • Provides Compatibility - It is capable of working with a range of smartphones, PDAs, Notebooks, laptops, or tablet PCs.