Top 10 Freight Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews offer the list of top 10 highly rate Freight Management Software all over the world. Dispatch software enhances transportation, fleet and logistics management. It also reduces costs and gains more visibility to a trucking business with a transportation management system.

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Freight management systems embrace warehousing, transportation and other logistics-related services. These comprehensive warehouse management systems enhance productivity across the distributed enterprise. Freight management is constrained with plenty of operating procedures and paperwork. The situation is bothered with exchanging the information electronically with manufacturers, forwarders, distributors, suppliers and customers. It brings inefficiency to work and lacks in enterprise-wide functionality.

Manufacturers today need a system that is efficient enough to manage the massive data associated with freight management. Hence, there emerged a need to develop Freight management software programs. These programs include reliability, scalability and security as fundamental features. Freight management software program can also manage end to end needs of all sizes of freight forwarders. It provides clear and real-time information that can also be shared with various parties involved in freight forwarding. At initial and operational levels, these software programs, help businesses solve their challenges. It also includes features such as automatic data entry, end to end procedure integration, financial accounting system interface, proactive system alerts and a lot more features.

How does freight management help?

Freight products provide as the logistics management focus in a mutual network of shippers, carriers as well as customers. It includes route planning along with optimization, load optimization, execution, freight audit, advanced shipping and order visibility.
The business value should achieve the following goals:

  • Lessen costs during better route planning, career mix and mode selection.
  • Develop accountability through visibility into the transportation chain.
  • Flexibility to make changes in delivery plans.


  • Increased Customer Service Freight management allows companies to enhance customer happiness by ensuring that the customer has no issue regarding their product. Hence, increased customer service
  • New Delivery Capabilities It enhances the way to optimize your shipment which eventually saves cost.
  • Inventory Reductions It makes sure that your customers are receiving their products on time, therefore you will be able to plan better for your inventory


  • Risk Management - Freight management allows you to forecast the risk and take preventive measures to avoid as well as quickly and efficiently resolve such issues.
  • Route Optimization and Consolidation - The system is designed in such a way that it provides the most optimal route for shipment of products
  • Visibility - Visibility features makes easy to manage the shipment since it provides a detailed view of every step of the freight process