Top 10 Scotch Brands in Austin

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 brands of scotch in Austin. These are the best kind of scotch drinks including Single malt whiskey, talisker, cardhu, speyside, glen and that too at best prices.

Popular Scotch

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VirtuousReviews provides you with the list of top Scotch brands in Austin. Scotch or Scotch Whisky is a whisky’s malt form which is made in Scotland. Originally, it is produced from malted barley and it comprises a wide variety at the commercial stand. Being one of the forms of whiskey, scotch is nothing but a distilled alcoholic beverage. There are a number of varieties and avenues available in the market for this beverage, and it’s sort of very difficult task to choose the best option among different varieties. To help with this situation, we have designed a platform called Virtuous Reviews.

Virtuous Reviews is considered as a community for different business categories to generate a distinctive perception of a particular subject. Scotch is the sub-category of Drinks, and through this section, we have established an edge for scotch lovers. Providing unbiased and independent reviews about different scotch brands, we at Virtuous Reviews provides a relative comparison of scotch’s quality and superiority to the users. It is considered as the best approach to make a conclusion about your preferred brand and its competitors.

We at Virtuous Reviews are always ready for you to discuss, review and share your opinions. We want everyone, starting from a beginner to a complete pro – to be the part of this independent community so that you evolve a new and confident perception of your preferences in Scotch brands.

A beginner’s guide to choosing a Scotch

If you’re an absolute beginner, you could well search you’re bewildered by the details provided to you on the bottle. Here are the notable terms you must look out for:

  • Ageing - Ageing take place while the scotch is in the wooden cask; formerly it’s been distilled in a bottle, it won’t age anymore. You can usually tell by the colour since younger whiskies are normally much paler.
  • Finish - Several scotches are separated from their original barrel after a time of ageing to complete the method in an exclusive new cask which has formerly held an unusual type of alcohol.


  • Helps Avoid Weight Gain - Whisky contains low- calories and low sugar, which means you can have a shot without the need of going to a gym.
  • Fights Cancer - Whiskey contains antioxidants like ellagic acid and is also known for helping to defend the body from the effects of chemotherapy.
  • Reduce Stress - 2003 study found that Whiskey still the nerves and reduce stress, which is the main cause of several health problems.


  • Its alcohol level is much advanced than beer or wine, and some other kind of liquor.
  • Whiskies, however, are rich and assorted in flavours, more than any further distilled spirit every country conventionally produces its own manner of whisky, but yet within that style there is an inconceivable range of whiskies to opt from.
  • Whisky is usually made from grain. Therefore it helps in reducing the stress level.