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Huyen Langlon is one of the Indian form of Martial Arts developed in Manipur, a state in India. The word huyen means war and langlon means knowledge or art. So basically this is about the art of war. While huyen langlon is a martial arts it has some components like thang ta and sarit-sarak. First one means armed combat and the latter one is unarmed combat. Thang-ta is a set of sword and spear known respectively. Huyan langlon can be depicted in three ways and they are rituals, demonstration, and combat. While the first and last one are the forms of tantric and war the middle one is the form that is expressed as dance.

You can also learn Thang Ta with the proper guidance of sword and spear. In this dance the agility of body and grit on the face is demanded. The exhibition of sheer determination should be shown on the face.

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