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A music duo consists of 2 singers, who may be instrumentalists too. Most likely with a DJ to give them a consistent background track. Now, you can choose from numerous music duos, who cover numerous genres in music. And every country has regional music duos as well. They sing in their respective regional languages, again covering a lot of genres.

And it is not mandatory to have “2 singers” duet. You can book 2 instrumentalists too. They are quite effective in creating a collaborative, complete music. You may not feed the need for singing, or you can sing along. Instrumentalist duos rock. Please check them out.

How can you choose your favourite music duo?

So you have got a lot of choices in Music Duo DJ, to choose from. Let us shed some light on few of the genres:

  • Classic Piano Duos:- There can be 2 forms of piano duos. First one, with 2 different pianos for 2 different players and the; Second one, with 1 piano and 4 hands. There is a slight difference in both the sounds, which listeners can decipher easily. Both of them are equally good sounds. They play classic Beethoven, Mozart symphony excerpts in synchronization.
  • Country Music Duos:- You can have instrumentalist singers fronted country music duos, or you can have a duo sing with country music in the background. The choice is yours.
  • Female music duos:- Women fronted music duos. There will be a lot of female music duos to cover all the possible genres.
  • Hip Hop Music Duos:- It’s in. If you like hip hop, call the Hip Hop Music Duos Dj to rock your parties.

There are a lot of genres to choose from, as Music Duos near you would cover almost every possible genre like Folk, Pop, Reggae, New Wave, Rock and more.

When you choose for a genre of music duo, the DJs are free to play any tracks. So, please check for the variety in their playlists before booking a Music Duo DJ.