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A quintet can be defined can a unit of 5 members. So, you can call quintet DJ to cover any genre you want. You will get a set of 5, singers and multi-instrumentalists. So you can have a band to play in the day and a DJ at night. Or the band and DJ may collaborate to create music too. 

Here are a few genres, Quintet DJs are qualified to perform:

  • Classic Piano Quintet:- They play classic Beethoven, Mozart symphony excerpts in synchronization. There may be other instruments, like guitar, bass guitar, violins too.
  • Country Quintet DJ:- You can have instrumentalist singers fronted country music quintet, or you can have a quintet sing with country music in the background. The choice is yours.
  • Female Quintet:- Women fronted Quintet DJs. There will be a lot of female quintets, which would cover all the possible genres.
  • Hip Hop Music Duos:- It’s in. If you like hip hop, call the Hip Hop Quintet DJ to rock your parties.

How to choose the best DJ?

  • Take a list of past occasions, where they’ve played. And which occasions are they comfortable playing in.
  • Ask for the artists who interact with the crowd.
  • Ask for professional DJ. Or there are times when bearing an unprofessional Quintet DJ at a party, gets very hard.
  • Choose a Quintet DJ who is open for taking requests. You may not want to sing to all of your DJ’s favourite songs, at your party.
  • Check the equipment. Equipment like microphones, display screens, and dance floors are provided by a DJ Band Service.
  • Ask the number of crew members. So you can prepare their accommodation.
  • Check the playlist you are getting for your evening. DJs should have playlists from all the genres.