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Drums comprises of several individual percussion units. Especially, the bass drum, the snare, the ride & the hi-hat cymbal and toms. A drummer has to play all the instruments, with the melodies to create a drama or a groove. There are a lot of genres which embrace the sound of drums. Jazz and Blues are two of the most prominent ones. In jazz and blues drumming, the grooves and patterns are very complex, which caught every eye. They made the use of drums such popular, that the later born genres were already familiar with the Drums and Grooves.

To play the drums, you have to set up every single percussion in a way that they always stay within reach. As you keep getting better at your drum techniques, try to add new percussions to your standard drumkit. New percussions will give a new sound to your drums.

There are many instructors who may teach you the Western Music theory and its application in Drums and Percussions. Here are a few very basic terms related to the Drum Lessons, which you may find helpful:-

Common Terms related to Drums and Percussions

  • Accents:- They are generally used to enhance the presence of a song by hitting a note harder than the rest, where the music requires. Accents are as important for creating grooves as they are for adding presence. They are very important for every instrument player as it polishes the quality of the music.
  • American Grip:- The rock way of gripping sticks. A perfect American grip is performed with sticks making a 45-degree angle with the beater side. At the same time, elbows must remain at rest sidewards and palm faces downward. Hits are performed with wrists movements.
  • Bass comping:- In percussive instruments, there is only one rule, which is to not play the lowest frequency and the highest frequency strikes together. The rule is breakable in cases when one of the frequencies keeps playing constantly, and the other one is required to maintain the groove. Apart from that, try to practice bass note with every accent.
  • Batter Side/ Resonant Side:- In most of the percussive instruments, there are two sides (a) Batter side:- The side you hit to produce sound; and (b) Resonant Side:- The other layer which produces a sound to give a tone to the strike.
  • Click Track:- Now this is important. Click tracks are time signatures that are arranged in a pattern. They are designed to play for the entire length of the song.