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Take the market down with your photography, commercial photography has become an integrated part of the market and photography as it involves the photography of the product. In these classes you will learn how to make the best use of the darkroom which lens should be used in what conditions. The angle and many more small and big things that you have been ignoring during the normal photography. The other things that are essential for commercial photography like lighting, black and white photography, color photography, digital image editing and many more things that will only reinforce your stature as a commercial photographer.

There has always been a meager difference between Marketing Photography and Commercial Photography which is many times overlooked. The difference is, commercial photography is focused around the product only whereas marketing photography adds freedom to the photography.

Commercial photography is all about styling, lighting and background while marketing photography is much more about lifestyle, concepts, and ideas. A Marketing photographer also contains knowledge about marketing, sales trend, and business management.

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