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VirtuousReviews provides you with the list of top Skydiving Training Classes in Austin that aims to meet all your needs and requirements effectively. Skydiving is one of the extreme adventure sports cum leisure activity performed by Skydivers. There is a great risk of life associated with this sport. Skydivers have to wear a jumpsuit, a Helmet, Goggles and 2 parachutes. Primary parachutes are deployed first. If they do not work, Skydiver has to cut them down and deploy the secondary parachutes.

Injuries in Skydiving

Most of the injuries in skydiving are caused due to the inappropriate landings. The most common cause of injury happens when divers stretch their hands or legs outside the body. Doing that can disbalance you while landing, which is usually done at high speeds. Ankle dislocation was another most common injury, till recently. The ankle injury can now be prevented by wearing special kind of shoes, those which do not allow to move ankles sideways. Another cause of skydiving accidents is stormy clouds, thunderstorms etc.


Training for skydiving is commenced in a rather controlled indoor atmosphere. You need to balance your weight against the flowing air. That’s going to enable you to control yourself while falling. You may have to perform few practice skydives, from a relatively low altitude. During training, 1-2 trainers are appointed to a Skydiver. After the students successfully deploy their parachutes, trainer fly away from them.

Sports, which Employ Skydiving

There is no racing associated with Skydiving. To score in Skydiving, flips and stunts play many important roles than speed. Here are a few sports related to Skydiving and Parachuting

  • Base Jumping
  • Angle Flying
  • Cross-Country
  • Formation Skydiving
  • Spaceballs
  • Skysurfing
  • Tunnel Flying
  • Wingsuit Flying

Common Factors related with Sports and Training

  • Competition:- According to Sports Accord, every sport must have a competitiveness attached to it. That means, there should be a winner and a loser in every match. There are a few sports where ties are allowed, as well. But the most of the Sports have invented tie-breaking methods to ensure a victory. So, there is always a person losing the match.
  • Sportsmanship:- Sportsmanship can be described as a feeling of compassion, love, and respect that every sportsman share with another. These are the basic characteristics of a human being, that Sportsmanship emphasizes and people do not. It enables them to grace both, the defeat and the victory.
  • Cheating:- To ensure fair play in a sport, set of rules are made by a dedicated association. When a player breaks these rules to take advantage over the other player, or for an ulterior motive, is called Cheating. Players may cheat for so many personal benefits, like money or fame. In most of the sports where cheating is essentially intentional, such activities generally have a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Doping and Drugs:- Catching a player while cheating, got easier with time. The Players then started moving to drugs and chemicals, which enhances human capabilities. To mix doping with sports is considered illegal. With the use of certain drugs, the players are now able to perform more efficiently, till the effects last. But as soon as the association finds out, they’re out.
  • Violence:- Competitions and Violence always go hand in hand. Violence has always been involved in sports. It can also be seen as a major factor, which attracted people towards the Sports, at the first place. Classic Humans, right? New methods are always being developed to omit the Violence from sports. But foul practices and extreme cheating generally result in violence between the sports personalities.