Top 10 Accouting and Budgeting Software: Ratings and Reviews

Discover the best accounting and budgeting software to makes it easier and more profitable to run your business. Here is the list of top 10 accounting and budgeting software through which you can monitor business processes and generate financial reports.

Accounting & Budgeting software helps you to set budgets with the click of a mouse and enable you to keep a watch on how you're doing day by day. When you know where your money is really going, you can obviously spend smarter and live better. Now you don’t have to worry about receipts and manually entering every item. Simply connect your bank or credit card accounts, or upload an electronic statement. Transactions appear in the accounting and budget software. You can even watch your net worth grow with the help of these software alongside your other assets, and track your net worth anytime, from anywhere.

Sometimes business and personal finances are hard to separate. Virtuous Reviews understands your financial picture from each angle and hence prepared a very intensive list with reviews of all those budgeting software which can definitely sort your finances.

The reviews given by Virtuous Reviews are simply honest–to-goodness. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal which lets us provide awesome, innovative reviews to you. We're proud to offer these easy-to-understand reviews that will make you get the best-built, best-value solutions for all your finance problems.

How to choose the best Accounting and Budgeting software?

The following are the attributes related to a good account and budgeting solution -

  • “What-if” analysis and re-forecasting. This advanced feature is the key to superior decision making, enabling companies to use current expense data to plan and to report. It simply defines the level of reliability for each company, and it makes powerful risk assessment possible.
  • Business rules modeling. The feature is critical for every business action, as it defines constraints and establishes a common framework for business proceeding. It is backed by standardized modeling approaches such as Business Process Execution Language, Z Notation, and others.
  • Drill-down and drill-through. This is a powerful reporting feature supposed to discover even the most hidden details of every business, drill through meaning that the system can analyze information from multiple reports at a time.
  • Exception reporting and alerting. This features help the effective shift to behavioral monitoring and notify companies on critical issues. In most cases, exception tracking is automated via email alerts.
  • Extract to Excel and other products. The function is tightly associated with the system’s integration power, meaning that you have to look for budgeting software that can blend within your existing infrastructure, and export information to the formats you’re commonly using.
  • Interactive Visualization. The feature refers to the system’s professionally created timelines, where you don’t simply get to see information, but to alter it too. Ideally, visualizations should be easy to use and require little, if any coding knowledge.
  • Process Controls. The feature regulates costs for given periods of time, or such related to particular projects and employees. It is one of the most important sources to compare and plan the budget in accordance with their long-term financial goals.
  • Self-service reporting and analysis. The function provides for rapid management of the data infrastructure, including the capacity for every department to mine insight data and to benefit from it.
  • Metadata management and source data integration. Companies use this feature to harvest metadata from their third-party integrations, such as ETL, business intelligence, warehousing technologies, etc.
  • Budgeting by exceptions and top-down budget entry. The feature enriches the system with warnings and error notifications to display transaction results that are otherwise invisible in regular budget checking.


  • Include reporting and customization/integration features.
  • Scalable Cost and System Requirements.
  • Get expert implementation help from consultants that care about your business
  • Minimize business disruption with a seamless, stress-free deployment
  • Safe And Fast Processing related to credit cards and bills
  • Security and User Limitations


  • Increased accuracy - A good accounting and budgeting solution eliminates common calculation errors, and boosts the overall accuracy of the budgeting process.
  • Simpler and Faster - Budgeting software boasts high-level functionality for this purpose. You can save time creating the process and the software allows data to be saved and reused in later years too. This makes it easy to amend and manage budgets, and you can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on the budget process.
  • Report consistency - You can make use of budgets that have same readable format no matter which employee prepares them. This ensures the budgets easily connect with employees across the organization.
  • Better forecasting - Computer budgeting programs make use of smart algorithms that can accurately forecast future sales and expenses based on past information. This enables a company to plan better and achieve long-term success.