Top 10 Auto Dialler Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 auto dialer software in the world. The predictive dialer software enables the user to download mobile dialer, phone dialer by using the best auto dialer software.

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Auto dialer software are usually used in the market specifically concerned with telemarketing, sales, call centres etc.

But with the changing times, everybody irrespective of the motive of their use asks for the best technology in the market.

The mechanism used in the auto dialer software automate your calls so you can use your time in the best productive way. The knowledgeable team of Virtuous Reviews understood the common confusions regarding diallers and differences in dialler terminology among the people who are new to the industry and hence decided to help them.

Whether you’re looking for something just for you or you want full outbound call centre software or inbound call centre software, you should be able to find something to fit your needs. Keeping this thing in mind, Virtuous Reviews have come up with a list of the top names of the auto dialler software which will definitely match up to your individualised necessities.

How to select the best auto dialer software?

Check Algorithm Errors

An algorithm which knows how to predict when subsequent calls should be initiated is at the heart of the predictive dialing solution. The system sets up a new call for the agent while he or she is still talking. When the algorithm works perfectly and there are no disruptions, the call is picked up when the agent has just ended the previous call. If the algorithm is flawed, either:

  • The system fails to over-dial enough calls, or,
  • The system over-dials too many calls

Check how the system ‘learns’

In order for predictive dialing to work perfectly, the system has to examine call statistics and adjust on an ongoing basis. The best algorithms take both short-term and long-term statistics into consideration.

  • Short-term statistics - based on the current situation
  • Long-term statistics - based on successive campaign days

Beware while buying tools

When choosing the predictive dialing system, it is essential to check the statistics based on which the system adjusts the calling frequency. Quite often, the solutions offered as ‘auto dialing’ are based on a single parameter - the number of abandoned calls, i.e. only one type of short-term statistics. Some predictive dialing offerings are the simplest solutions, instead of state-of-the-art systems, though they are less and less common.


  • Answering machine detection - Efficient auto dialers can determine whether a call is answered by a person or an answering machine. If the call is answered by a machine, the dialer will not route the call to the agent but will hang up the call after leaving a pre-recorded message.
  • Disposition Codes - To save agents’ time and systemize the entire calling process, auto dialers use call disposition codes that allow agents to update the final outcome of the call.
  • CRM Integration - Predictive dialer integrated with a CRM system displays relevant and concise customer context on the agent's’ screen for their perusal. Agents can view customer’s profile, previous interactions, tickets, and more in one interface.


  • Auto  Dialers help in saving management time. The program maintains do not call lists, organizes data like sales, leads, call-backs etc. This can help agents to decide which times of day work best to call, finding the best lead etc.
  • Auto Dialers give a real-time feedback and the manager can monitor and maintain optimum performance and productivity.
  • Auto dialing removes the remedial tasks of manual dialing and frustration on not achieving the target calls and figures. It boosts the agent morale.