Sales Operations Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings forth the list of top Sales operations, which is a set of activities which help a sales organization to run efficiently and support strategies and objectives of the business. Sales operations also referred to as sales, sales support and even business operations.

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What is Sales Operations?

Sales operations is basically a set of all the activities as well as processes of the business which help the sales organization to run effectively and efficiently and in support all the strategies and objectives of the business. Sales operations often referred to as sales support, sales, and even business operations.

Sales operations includes the estimation of sales of a business in dollars, for a specific amount of period under potential marketing plan and under a set of economic and other forces.

The sales operations activities might differ from company to company but yet it include these five basic categories, which includes, Sales Force Enablement, Business Analytics, Sales Administration, Attainment Planning, Sales Operations Mandate and Design.


  • It allows you to increase the forecast accuracy
  • Helps in reducing the  inventories
  • Enhance the lead times


  • Helps you in evaluating the sales methodologies
  • It does not merely implements the programs to support the sales excellence. But also select and adjust the approaches on the sales strategy