Top 10 Social Media Platforms: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 social media platforms software. These social media tracking software provides a platform for social media marketing. It also offers tools for social media listening, engagement,monitoring, analytics, marketing and collecting relevant information across social media using numerous tools.

Various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter are important to be managed for a company to retain its presence in the internet marketing. But most of the time, it becomes quite a hectic job along with other involving activities of the company. This gave rise to the development of tools like social media platform management software.

Social media platform software help business to find new customers and grow their social media presence. If a social media management tool is not capable of handling different platforms of social media for a company, it is of no use for most of the businesses. The tool should allow you to schedule posts in advance along with updating other activities.

The highly networked team of Virtuous Reviews have produced a list of top social media platform management software for you. Social media profiles of the clients can be easily monitored with the help of these software. They are pretty affordable and a total worth of value. We have included only those software which meets up the criteria of all kind of companies. Hence, you can easily choose any software from the list without giving it much of thought.

How does Social Media platforms work?

These social media monitoring tools are somewhat similar to the spiders used by search engines which crawl web pages. These tools fetch out the accessible contents of web pages in real-time.

Social listening tools search those web pages that has “mentions” of specific keywords and then report them to you so that you can get related coming which could help you.


  • By listening to the problems of customers and getting their pain points, companies can easily identify unmet requirements of customers and can develop more focused strategies.
  • Companies can easily Identify the areas in business process that may required to be developed, or improved.
  • By monitoring social media, companies can identify area which could threaten business.
  • Companies can recognise which kind of product is working well and then can develop new ones and also can find sales opportunities.


  • Quickly recognize who is talking about your company, products, employees, services and more.
  • Most easy way to analyze positive and negative sentiments accurately and quickly.
  • It performs the foremost activities such as listen, engage, analyze and more at best prices.