Corporate Performance Management Software Reviews

The top 10 corporate performance management software is ranked and reviewed by Virtuous Reviews. The best employee performance management software is used to evaluate employee’s performance.

Corporate Performance Management Software is the area of business intelligence involved with monitoring and managing an organisation's performance, according to key performance indicators such as revenue, return on investment, overhead, and operational costs. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a closely related discipline to Business Intelligence (BI). BI is focused on gathering and processing disparate data and presenting it in an easy to digest forms like a report or visualization or a dashboard. However, reporting is not necessarily linked to an organisation’s strategy.


  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting features are designed to assist with both data-driven operational, short-term planning and strategic long-term planning.
  • Consolidation and close features allow CPM users to combine and examine data from multiple entities.
  • Financial reporting and compliance features assist CPM users with their financial statements and regulatory filings.


  • Enhanced data visualization
  • Real-time data availability
  • Enterprise-wide analytics