Onboarding Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Onboarding Software. Choose the best Onboarding solution that delivers an engaging experience that helps new hires connect with your company and employees in a positive and lasting way.

In a perfect world, new hires would be productive employees on day one. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. Work eligibility and tax documents need to be filled out and filed, employee handbooks need to be walked through, payroll accounts need to be set up and more. Historically considered a paper-based process, onboarding can be a time-sucking nightmare for human resources (HR) departments, especially during a hiring boom.

Onboarding software offers a digital solution to automate all of the above-listed tasks, and more. Customized workflows can be set up for new employees, at which point the software takes over—walking employees through necessary paperwork, checking for errors, filing to the appropriate regulatory agencies and, finally, storing digital copies for safekeeping. All the while, HR departments can track progress to ensure the onboarding process is quick and painless for both managers and employees.


  • Personalize a simple and meaningful welcome message for new employees, reminding them why they were selected for the position and helping them feel welcomed.
  • Add dynamic content, such as videos, to provide more information about the company.
  • Outline all required tasks that should be handled before your new hire’s first day in a clear, visual timeline
  • Enable new hires to instantly view colleagues they are already connected to via LinkedIn.
  • Introduce new hires to a mentor within the company to help guide and coach them.
  • Automate the completion, review, and signing of electronic documents such as tax forms, policy documents, and employment eligibility forms


  • Easy to navigate, and can populate information across forms, so new hires do not need to fill out their address and birthdate multiple times.
  • You get to engage with your new hires even before their first day of work.
  • With early access to the necessary forms and an easy platform to fill them out, new hires have the flexibility to complete forms whenever convenient before their start date. Additionally, this gives HR an easy way to customize forms and messages for new hires.