Reference Check Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Reference Check Software helps companies organize their hiring process and leverage data to make better people decisions. You can choose the best Reference check software that helps you make your decision faster and more accurate.

Reference Check Software allows companies to use technology to simplify and standardize the process of gathering employment references. Invest fewer human resources hours and improve your response rate with the web-based platform.

It’s often said that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. In particular, most employers find this to be true when hiring. Because of this, checking references for potential hires is a practice that has existed for decades. Getting feedback from others who have supervised or worked alongside a potential hire can be invaluable. At the same time, there are challenges inherent with the traditional reference checking approach:

  • Difficulty in reaching references
  • Unwillingness of many references to offer meaningful feedback for fear of legal liability
  • If the reference questions aren’t structured correctly, information gathered may often be too subjective
  • Inefficiency of gathering, recording and documenting feedback from references
  • Delays with this process can create roadblocks to finalizing hiring decisions


  • Automated, Personal Outreach - Once your candidate enters reference names and emails, a personalized invitation is sent to the reference contact on behalf of the candidate.
  • Ensured Anonymity - The reference contact is ensured of anonymity in the initial invitation and upon agreement to provide a reference.
  • Customized Question Packets - Ensure useful reference responses by providing customized sets of questions based upon the position and your unique needs.
  • Candidate Monitoring - Provide your candidate with the ability to monitor the status of reference requests.
  • Admin Monitoring, Reminders, Reports - Administrators can monitor the status of reference requests, enact reminders for reference contacts, and view aggregated reference responses.


  • Eliminate PaperWork - Alleviate the paperwork and inconvenience associated with the traditional reference checking process.
  • Speed Up Reference Checking - Accelerate the collection and receipt of reference information, allowing the hiring process to continue without unneeded delays.
  • Improve Results - Allow more objective feedback to be gathered by allowing references to rate potential hires on selected competencies.