Access Gateways Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews offers a wide list of Access Gateways, which provides you with the remote access to corporate network and applications with secure application access solution which also provides administrators application-level control that allows users application access from anywhere in the world.

What is Access Gateways?

A gateway is basically a network node which connects two networks who uses different protocols.

Gateways could take several forms, including routers or computers and also, it can perform a several of tasks from simply passing traffic to the next hop to offering complex traffic filtering, protocol translations at different network layers.


  • Provides remote control for the Windows desktops without any network boundary restrictions
  • It retains control of remote sessions without any kind of explosion of your data or service which you do not control


  • It allows you to protecting Web resources with Authorization, Form Fill, and Identity Injection policies.
  • It provides fault tolerance capabilities by clustering multiple gateways of similar type.
  • It groups multiple Web servers, so that if one goes down, content could be retrieved from another server from some other group.