Complex Event Processing Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews offers you the list of best Complex Event Processing Software(CEP), which allows a user to draw conclusions from data available on the disparate streams of information, with the main aim of discovering hard opportunities.

What is Complex Event Processing Software?

Event processing Software is a process of tracking down and analyzing the streams of information about the things which happen, and making a conclusion from them. It merges the data from various sources to conclude the events or patterns which usually suggests complicated circumstances. The main aim of complex event processing is to recognise the opportunities or risks and reply to them quickly.

These events could happen across different layers as sales leads, orders or customer service calls. Or, news items, text messages, social media posts, weather reports, or other data. CEP offers businesses a novel way to analyze in real-time and assist business side communicate with IT or service departments


  • It enables you to detect or analyze patterns in the real-time.
  • It allows to perform in-depth analysis of the information with the access to third-party analytics as well.
  • It automatically connects to streaming data with high-throughput connectivity


  • It allows you to quickly develop applications along with the built-in processing capabilities.
  • It extract out the actionable data and make alerts whenever it is required to carry out some action.