Corporate Web Portal Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of best Corporate Web Portal Software, which provides Web-based interface offering access to the enterprise applications as well as assets like corporate databases, applications and systems.

What is Corporate Web Portal Software?

A Web portal is a specially designed web site which takes information together from various sources in constant way. Generally, every information source achieve its dedicated area to display the information. Variants of portals involves the mashups as well as intranet "dashboards" for managers. The extent to which content is being displayed depend directly on the intended user and purpose, as well as diversity of the content. The role of user might determine which content could be added to the portal or remove from the configuration of the portal.


  • Provides improved and easy communication.
  • Offers personalized experience for end users
  • Enables dynamic delivery.


  • Web Portals provides wide range of integration tools for a range of technologies.
  • It allows to improve the productivity by raising the speed of information provided to internal or external constituencies
  • Provides easy access to the communities of similar interest.