Data Replication Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has exclusively listed down the best Data replication software, for frequent copying your data from one server to another, to make sure that synchronization and consistency maintains across multiple storage devices. data replicas update most often instead of retaining unchanged copy.

What is Data Replication Software?

Data replication is basically the process of copying all the data from one location to some other. This technology also assists an organization to possess updated copies of their data in the occurrence of any of a disaster. Replication could take place over storage area network, local area network or at local wide area network, and to the cloud too. For the purposes of disaster recovery, replication occurs among the primary storage location as well as a secondary offsite place.


  • It allows to replicate the data without installing any software on source or target databases.
  • It enables the operational reporting without affecting the production databases.
  • It makes available faster return on investment.


  • Deliver timely information for BI and decision support.
  • Guaranteed 100% security.
  • Cost effective as well as user friendly process.