Event Monitoring Software Reviews

Virtuous Review provides you with the list of best Event Monitoring Software, which allows you to track the hardware and software components such as operating systems, DBMS, application software, firewalls, etc. to produce an event logs to signal to the administrators such as when user is accessing the system or when program has encounters any kind of error, or security policy which is being violated.

What is Event Monitoring Software?

Event monitoring software is basically a process of collecting, analyzing, as well as signaling the event occurrences to the subscribers like, operating system processes, database rules and human operators also. These event occurrences might stem from the random sources in both software and hardware like operating systems, database management systems (DBMS), application software as well as processors. Event monitoring may also use some time series database.

Event monitoring software uses the logical bus to transport the event occurrences from sources to the subscribers, where event sources the signal event occurrences to event subscribers and then event subscribers receive the event occurrences. An event bus could distributed over the set of physical nodes like standalone computer systems.


  • It allows you to optimize the network availability or performance.
  • Lessen the expenses by enhancing the asset utilization
  • Lowers the risk by offering secure network which meets the compliance guidelines


  • You can filter events easily by any criteria, including event description text.
  • It allows Fast navigation along with the option to save your favorite URLs as bookmarks which could be restored easily.
  • You can get more data about the event in public event knowledge bases.