IP Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews offers the list of the best IP Management Software which has been used to manage and to protect the patent portfolios, and for consulting the strategic benefits to the IP teams through the research tools and analytics. These Companies also often provides consulting services as they provides the software.

What is IP Management Software?

IP management software, allows you a way to carry out planning, tracking, and managing the Internet Protocol address space which is used in the network.

It usually combines the DNS and DHCP so that every layer gets aware of the changes in the other. In addition to this, functionality, like controlling reservations and other data aggregation or reporting is also common.

This is also tremendously rising since IPv6 networks are being deployed with the larger address pools, various subnetting techniques, and complex 128-bit hexadecimal numbers which are not easily readable by humans like IPv4 addresses. IPv6 networking, mobile computing, need to have more dynamic address management.


  • Provides comprehensive document management.
  • Offers reliable and secure management of various services


  • Helps you to analyze the requirements.
  • Increase efficiency since it allows to achieve the results in lessen time.
  • It allows to extend the capabilities efficiently.