Mobile APM Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings to you the list of top 10 Mobile APM software that are arranged in preferential order. Choose the one that best suits your requirements. These tools monitor real user experience of your mobile app.

What is Mobile APM software?

Mobile APM software or mobile app performance monitoring software tracks the real user experience of your application. It measures the user experience from the perspective of user. It takes in every single data required to analyse the user experience. It keeps an eye on everywhere users goes while operating an app. It monitors whatever a user does on an app. The work is done on the basis of stability, app performance and resource usage. It is an important tool to use as it lets you know about active and inactive users on your apps. It determines the flaws in your app and lets you know at what point user leaves the app and goes out of conversion funnel. If done manually this work becomes a time consuming process.


  • Checks app performance in actual UI response time
  • Rates your user experience on 1-100 scale
  • Masters the mobile movement


  • Know where do you stand against your competitors.
  • Proactively measure the app performance.
  • Understand the core capabilities.