Top 10 Event Registration Software: Ratings and Reviews

Searching for a perfect event planning system? So, your search is over here as we present before you the top online registration software to help you manage your conferences, meetings and corporate events.

What is an Event Management software?

It is the universal term for a wide range of software products that are used in the management of conferences, trade exhibitions and smaller events both professional and academic. Event Registration is for all those forgetful people, whose life revolves around the sticky notes they put on refrigerators. Because you cannot afford missing out an important event of your business or stay behind in informing your customers about that. With so much things on your mind, how can you focus on laying out business strategies! Just leave the thinking to us. Virtuous Reviews has lessen your work by putting together a list of all top class event registration software that helps in of course online event management- scheduling, sending invitations, track status, manage contacts and selling registration tickets online.

With the help of these software, it has become so much easy to post an event on your website or social media page; customize your page for design, tickets, forms and template. Thus uncomplicating the whole process of ticket selling and tracking. You can get a real time analysis of your sales and registration, the minute they happen.

Event registration software accompany you for the whole event cycle from event creation, event posting, social media integration, to ticketing and customer relationship management. No matter the size of your business or event, you can find the best fitting event registration software here.

Why do we need an Event Management Software?

  • Easy Registrations and RSVPs - Most of the event registration software solutions allow you to upload a list of contacts, which finishes half of the work already. With things such as automated email marketing and social-media groups, your attendees remain up to date.
  • Social media integration - If you integrate social media with this software you can make your attendees to spread the word about the event.
  • Check in easier - This system makes replaces the printed registration list with a laptop or tablet and helps the attendees to walk in easily by swiping or clicking.


  • Measures your event success by evaluating the post event reactions and situations.
  • There are features which treat your special guest with the special treatment they deserve.


  • An event management software with one integrated database supports event managers by providing consistent data and reducing the time that is needed to create required documents and lists.
  • Organizational work flows are already present in the software and you can use them accordingly.