Top 10 Marketing Automation Software: Ratings and Reviews

Here is the list of top marketing automation software ranked and reviewed by us. These software provide the best services including online, email, digital and internet marketing.

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What is Marketing Automation software?

Marketing Automation means digital marketing and its ‘Automatic’. Don’t we all prefer buying things with the label ‘Automatic’. So that our efforts are minimised and we can have some time at our disposal too. So, we do not need to convince you that you should adopt marketing automation software in your online marketing strategy. Virtuous Reviews know that the secret of going ahead is getting started, so to serve our customers we have presented best marketing automation tools used by leading businesses.

These software control all of your digital actions like email sending, social media interactions, reports and analysis on contents and subscription reaches. You can easily prioritize your marketing jobs and execute them accordingly. You can know which visitors are converting and which are showing interest in your products. Thus you will not waste your time in the less important jobs and non converting customers. It can also work to improve website landing pages, SEO and ultimately leads to personalised customer experience.

Not adopting the marketing automation, may be ultimate career limiting move for today’s marketers. Automated marketing is like technology meet implementation which can only lead your business towards success.

Why do we need a Marketing Automation software?

  • You can track and engage individual buyers online.
  • You can look at the customers and prioritize them.
  • You can filter leads based on level of engagement and interest.
  • You can schedule multiple campaigns ahead of time and can be released as per your own settings, therefore working hours can be utilised for other activities.


  • Efficiency - Traditional manual process can be enhanced by using these automatic systems.
  • Data collection - It can help provide better insight and be used to collect specific data to improve future campaigns or communication.
  • Multichannel engagement - Marketing automation can help you keep tabs on any channel that consumers can be found on.


  • Integration of all your marketing efforts in one process.
  • It creates a unique and more inviting experience that’s entirely relevant and will more likely lead to conversion.