Nonprofit Fundraising Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 nonprofit fundraising software that includes world's best fundraising and CRM system.

The online fundraising systems usually have tight integrations with backend CRM systems so that online donor data flows back into the constituent record. Most online fundraising systems feature donation forms which can be customized to match the website format and also for use in specific marketing campaigns. Donors are also presented with various options for giving gifts and sustaining donations in the form of automated monthly payments.


  • Email marketing tools to build fundraising marketing campaigns
  • Integration with social media tools to spread the word about marketing campaigns
  • Integrated payment gateways to process credit card donations
  • Event fundraising tools enabling event participants to raise money from friends and family during road races, dog walks, etc.
  • Online advocacy and petitions


  • Easy to use and built with intuitive features
  • Video and web support allow the fundraising software vendor to conduct training for the employees efficiently.
  • Fundraising Software can be integrated with important campaign systems like document management system and accounting software.
  • This software unites all existing campaign collaterals and captures the data they contribute for better analysis and metrics measurement.