Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Software: Ratings and Reviews

Your website needs the top search engine optimization software to rank it above all in the SERPs. Virtuous Reviews is here with the list of best SEO ranking tools to enable you to carry out your online programs successfully and rank your site on top.



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Tel Aviv, Israel

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Since 2006, we’ve aimed to make marketing simpler and marketers more empowered.Our track record of innovation and industry-leading solutions have garnered significant recognition. From unprecede ... Read more



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We do this by giving small businesses access to the same technology that the big guys use to grow. As the cornerstone of local economies, the small business sector must leverage the most advanced MarT ... Read more

What is a Search Engine Marketing software?

Search Engine Marketing is a technique of driving more traffic to website via search engine by placing the website among top results. This can be achieved by quality content and implementing the best marketing and advertising campaign. To aid you with the tedious cycle of innovating > implementing > analysing, Virtuous Reviews has stacked all the search engine marketing software. These software help in launching and successful running of various advertising campaign like PPC.

It walks you through the keyword research, Ad auction, content quality score, ad performance and controlled automation. It not only improves your visibility over the internet, but raises brand awareness too. The better you rank in the search engine result, the more chances of getting visits and more sales. All the mentioned software are easy to use and quick in showing results. They are the popular tools used by all the SEO specialists.

With the search engine marketing software you can put ads in front of motivated customers to ‘inspire’ them in buying the products. And parallel you can measure the success of your marketing plans, to implement better plans later keeping everything in budget. Without SEM all the money spent is a waste because nobody would even know that your website exists.

Why do we need a Search Engine Marketing software?

  • SEM is the requirement for your site because it grabs the attention of your audience at the right time.
  • It is not time consuming, you can setup one within no time and get the maximum benefits.
  • SEM allows for precise success tracking and in-depth campaign analysis so you can continually optimise your keyword mix, the amount of dollars you spend and the content you use.
  • This method is not helpful only to generate traffic on the website but also to increase the brand awareness.


  • Targeted website traffic: It brings the paying customers to your doorstep. This tool optimizes your site for a particular keyword related to your business.
  • Cost effective marketing: It provides a much greater return on investment as compared to traditional methods of advertising.


  • The html code is made easier for search engines to scour through and index your site well.
  • They develop  strategy and competitive advantage.
  • Provides improved branding and marketing position.