Webinar Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Webinar Software to get the most from your webinars. You can choose the best Webinar tools that make communication with prospects, employees, partners and customers easier and more efficient than any webinar product.

Webinar tools allow users to present, record and report on real-time online presentations. Webinars tend to involve one presenter or a small panel of presenters (who may not be together in a single geographic location), with a much larger audience. In addition to the live presentation, often a recorded video of the presentation is distributed later on, as content for newsletters, email drip campaigns, etc. The three main use cases for webinar software are: internal communications, lead generation, and training.


  • Expand Reach with Reusable Content - Record your webinar, with webcams, to create on-demand content long after your webinar is over.
  • Give Better Leads to Sales - With reporting and analytics, you're only a click away from the qualified leads, metrics and data to improve every webinar.
  • Host, Engage, Influence - Put life into your live presentations with polls, surveys and Q&As.
  • Share Meaningful Content - Use Handouts feature during your webinar to share the right content at the right time.
  • Capture What Matters - Customized registration forms collect exactly the lead information you need.


  • Customizable and persistent live environment design.
  • Brand-able account and webinar room URLs
  • Dynamic multimedia and video conferencing
  • Multiple interactivity options
  • Mobile audiences enjoy the same rich experience