Catalog Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list top 10 Catalog Management Software. Choose the best Catalog management Software which allows you to improve speed, simplicity, and reliability when managing your product catalogs.

Catalog management software, or product catalog management software, organizes and consolidates e-commerce product data into a single, digital point of reference (aka a catalog) for both merchant and buyer. The software maintains and stores product information for an e-commerce business.

There can be some confusion between Catalog Management and Product Information Management (PIM): the distinction between the two types of software is that Catalog Management software enriches product data by facilitating the editing, adding, and modifying of product information, while PIM software looks at the overall picture, in a more comprehensive capacity.

Catalog management ensures the quality of product data, by allowing an admin to update the product data in a catalog, so that customers can make informed buying decisions. The merchant can help online buyers make those decisions by providing details like: product names, product filters, descriptions, prices, and supplier and internal codes. These solutions are typically bundled with additional e-commerce content marketing tools, and some are provided as open-source options by user communities.


  • Artificial intelligence-based auto-classification of catalog items, including punch out items
  • End-to-end catalog life-cycle management including approvals and catalog update with versioning and change summary
  • eCatalogs and updates from the supplier portal can be reviewed and approved before publishing.


  • Reduces maverick expenditure
  • Capture orders and consolidate demand across multiple sites, customers and countries
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces expenditure and improve margins
  • A solution for businesses to control costs