Top 10 Consignment Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 consignment systems in the world. The best consignment software provides businesses to manage inventory and sales and also enables the business to maintain records of the transactions safely.

Pay once for consignment-resale software. Say no to monthly/annual fees. Work remotely for free. Supports Malls and QuickBooks.

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Consignment companies hold the item for the third party and pay the seller on their behalf. All the items are labelled and kept safe till sold to the respective party. These consignments are bound by the state law, so include a lot of legal formalities.

Firstly, the ID of seller needs to be checked to avoid buying bulged or smuggled items. Each item is valuable, so companies need to track and store the item according to its requirement. In addition to these features, consignment management software track the payment, customer history, inventory activities etc. By integrating with CRM software, you can easily message customers regarding status and location of item and payment reminders. Using security system integration, it becomes easy to keep an eye on the safe house and in the case of theft, you will be alerted.

You need not waste hours in bookkeeping, just make a customer account and you are good to go. You can manage payments better; know your profit margin for each transaction. With the suggestive selling insights, you can manage and market your items instantly through these software or web based POS.

What should be considered while selecting the best Consignment system?

  • The software you are looking for should be easy to use and flexible to understand.
  • Check the testimonials of the software, and go through what people want to say for that particular software.
  • The software should offer a complete business solution for the purpose of consignment.


  • Just one customer file for both consignors and buyers, eliminating the need to duplicate data entry.
  • User defined consignor fees (percentage or flat rate).  Set up a default and change as needed by consignor or item.
  • Quick and easy batch entry of consigned items, with the ability to print labels when saved.
  • Quick and easy batch entry of purchased (buy outright) items, with the ability to print labels when saved.


  • A minimization of tied-up capital
  • Less risk of obsolescence
  • Save on inventory costs
  • Helps nurture a better supplier / retailer relationship