Top 10 Footwear/Shoes POS Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 footwear/shoe business POS Software in the world. With the best retail POS system, you can order the desired variety of the footwear online and can also track the order of the same.

Footwear business is tough because you need to maintain one styles shoe in different colours and sizes. Moreover, to beat the competition, many shoe stores keep matching accessories too to boost up the sales.

So, the inventory includes footwear of different styles, colours and sizes; plus accessories. If any of these go out of stock, the sales are affected.

With the installation of software, you can control a lot of aspect of sales. Your customer would not return because of unavailability of a popular product, you can maintain accounts in a better way, it is easy to provide many payment options to the customer; even split payment. There is no need to mention that with the use of mobile POS, you can instantly show customer images of products and if he likes it, you can go ahead and show him the footwear. If the asked footwear is not available at the moment, you can track the order or fellow shoe sellers to provide your customer, what he wants.

We cannot forget the importance of loyal customers, thus through software, you can send automated messages to them whenever their preferred collection arrive. Providing loyalty benefits is one way to build up a good relationship with customers.

What should be considered while choosing the footwear/shoes POS software?

  • Pricing - The POS software you are looking for should be fit for the retailer in the sense of pricing. The price should be simple and affordable so it charges a minimum amount of fee monthly for per register.
  • Features - The POS system and its features should be useful for the retailers. It comes with a ton of features that go beyond processing sales. The POS system should possess features like credit card processing, fast checkout etc.
  • Customer support - The selected POS software should offer one of the most comprehensive customer support packages available. Whether you need to reach a live customer service representative, prefer to troubleshoot issues yourself or just want to learn more about getting the most out of your investment.


  • Up-sell and suggested items - auto prompting at register based on the type of merchandise being purchased - so a customer buying a pair of dress shoes can be told of a sale on shoe trees, polish or other accessories.
  • Layaways - collect deposits while holding the item out of inventory.
  • Loose and bulk pack/case quantity breakdown - Receive items by the case and sell individually.


  • Email marketing - deliver targeted campaigns by querying and downloading customer data for use with popular email marketing applications.
  • Store credit - issue and redeem customer store credit .
  • Multiple shipping addresses - ship to any of the multiple shipping addresses maintained for each customer, or ship the same selection to multiple recipients.