Best Textile Designers in Fresno

Get a list of Top 10 Textile designers in Fresno, ranked and reviewed by Virtuous Reviews on the basis of their performance. The fabric designers work upon printed pattern fabrics to make them look presentable and elegant.

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A Textile designer is essentially an artist that creates artwork to be sold or used on a variety of surfaces. They create two-dimensional designs that can be used, often as a repeat design, in the production of knit, weave and printed fabrics or textile products.

Textile designing refers to the art or process of designing the different structures and looks of different textiles or fabrics. Textile Designing is quite a unique field that works with a different characteristic that might not be witnessed by the untrained eyes. Some textiles may be made from a single type or a blend of natural or synthetic fibres, for instance. These fibres are also usually fused together differently. Some are woven together, while others may be knitted together.

As textiles come in a wide range of different colours and patterns, this field has a lot to explore. The textiles that are designed by textile designers are used for making various garments, accessories, bedding, furniture, etc. In order to create the perfect pattern textile designers usually work closely with other types of designers, like fashion designers or interior designers. Textile designers find their place in large manufacturing industries. Virtuous Reviews understand the need of the hour and keeping that in mind we are deep refining our results to offer the unparalleled talent to the industry.

The vendors included in the listings are judged on the basis of methodologies they adopt to prosper online. Our thorough evaluation procedure brings the unrivalled designers in the limelight. We are triggering our path in unleashing the businesses and start-ups with the amazing talent to groom their processes.

How to look for the best Textile Designer?

Major Trade Shows

There are several major trades shows each year that is open to the fashion and home industries where artists represent themselves or large studio will have many artists & styles represented.

Analyse the cost

Compare and analyse the costs of two or three shortlisted textile designers and look what services are provided by whom and at what cost. Select the one which offers best services at fair prices.

Preparation of the project

It can be helpful to have some technical knowledge of what and how the designers intend to use their artwork. If the artwork is to be printed onto to fabric it might be best to contact your printer first to find out what type of printing they are able to do, what types of fabric they can print on, what file format is best to send, and any other technical info they have about color so that you can relay this to the artist you’re working with.


  • Should be artistic, creative and able to draw:- A good textile designer should be highly creative and artistic to present his ideas and designs on paper as well as in the form of computerised designs.
  • Should have an eye for colour, texture and pattern:- Use of proper colours with amazing textures and pattern is an essential feature a designer should possess.
  • Should have good attention to detail:- A designer must be good in monitoring each and every detail of the fabric, texture and pattern.


  • Ensure satisfaction of the clients:- The textile designers work quite hard to provide cent percent satisfaction to their clients. They design appealing apparel to add value to their couture.
  • Helps in customising the designed product:- The textile designers always have an open customisation facility for their clients, which includes a personalised opinion of the client in designing the required apparel which is further executed by the textile designers.