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Pole dance is the blend of dance and acrobatics which are done on a vertical pole. It demands incredible muscle power and endurance with coordination and the exotic essence is must in this dance form. Pole dancing is an art, the art of sensuality. It is an incredible exercise if you are looking to train your body to the extreme because it is all about lifting body. The main thing about this dance training is that you will never have to take on the weights and with the era that is so motivated to do the stuff uniquely you can embark your journey of the calisthenics, the exercise that is totally based on the body weight and nothing else.

From a time people involved in this dance are trying to inverse the perception of pole dancing, they are working in a way such that the pole dance will not be seen as a sensual activity. Moreover, the next venture of pole dancing is underway, people are trying to make pole dance a category in the Olympics.

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