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Moths generally look like butterflies but they are nocturnal and they are attracted to artificial lights. Some of the species of adult moths feed on the clothes and that is the major problem why we want them to be discarded from our surroundings.

Moths are indeed annoying, so in order to get rid of them, we have made a list which enlists the leaders of moth proofing services. In the States alone 12000 types of species can be found which is more than many birds and types of insects. To avoid the insects and mammals who dine on them moths impersonate other animals to not get eaten.

They have an ecological profit also though, moths are the important pollinators with bees. They again have an important role in the ecosystem and that role is to be the consumer of many other animals. And due to their body size they are at the bottom of the food chain. Moreover, moths are the major food for the African people, as suggest by the records of a survey conducted in the year 2004 which says that 90% of African feeds on moths because they carry high quantity of protein and healthy fats.

In order to make your house free of moths which would make them disappear from your TV screen and from the door of your house and to make your cupboards safe head for the list as that list holds the key to your safety and your clothes safety.

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