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Going to Nashville with a Surfboat to ride the waves, is what most of the Surfers live for. Surfing is a great sport to develop body balance as well as for improving cardiovascular abilities of a human being. Controlling a surfboard by shifting your weight according to the water currents requires strength. That is how surfing also helps in building strength.

Ancient mentions of surfing are found in Polynesian texts. Though the Britishers have discovered it in 1767 AD, Surfing is older than Jesus Christ. In the modern age, the most common form of surfing is Standing up Surfing. To surf a wave, the surfer has to reach the surf break. Surf breaks are the points in a sea, where a wave breaks and falls into the sea. Surfers can reach the wave breaks using paddles. Paddling can either be done by wooden paddles or by the hands. When the Surfers reach the wave break, they need to stand up and balance their weight to surf the ocean.

Dangers in Surfing

As we know that we have discovered only 5% of earth’s water, that is less than how much we have explored space. Danger lurking beneath the Ocean Surface is real and you need to take protective measures to prevent them.

  • Drowning:- It is rather recommended for every Surfer to be at least an intermediate swimmer. Do not rely too much on the string. String and board will keep you on water, only when you have found your balance, after a fall. Till then, being attached to the board can kill you in several ways, like drowning, board hitting the head, fins slicing through the neck, sea rock accidents and so much more.
  • Seabed:- Seabeds have proven fatal on several occasions, like in the case of shallow waters. In case of low tides, the waters run as shallow as 5 feet, that carries a wave, 10 meters in height. Falling incorrectly under such circumferences can be fatal.
  • Marine Life:- Chances of an unfriendly visit by jellyfish increases when you surf in their territory. Stay cautious while surfing. Jellyfish, Sharks and in case of surfing on river, crocodiles, alligators are some of the species which have already been proved fatal.
  • Rip Tides:- Rip tides are waves which pull an object into the ocean, as soon as it gets in contact. They can be easily dodged by lying down on a surfboard and swimming in the desired direction, slowly.
  • Collisions:- Many people have gotten injured because of crashing into a rock or into another surfer. Surfers are required to maintain distance from the bank and other surfers to surf safely.