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Do you want to experiment with your life insurance policy? Get the hands of variable universal life insurance. Browse VirtuousReviews to get the online listing of best variable universal life insurance services in USA. This policy provides you the benefit of universal life insurance along with an investment feature.

Inspire Yourself With A Different Approach To Safety Of Your Family With Variable Universal Life Insurance!

Getting a single benefit from an investment is an obvious phenomenon. But what if your single investment gives a double benefit? Thrilling right? If you are thrilled for getting double benefit then go for variable universal life insurance.

Change The Way You Save With Variable Universal Life Insurance!

Variable universal life insurance is a form of cash value life insurance that offers death cover and benefits as well as gives you freedom of investment. The premium amount of this policy is flexible. An insurer can change the rate based on their availability, however, the coverage amount may change. The cash value in variable universal life insurance is invested in sub-accounts as like mutual funds which can be only accessed by investing in the policy. Equally like a mutual fund, the cash value which is invested may increase or decrease due to market fluctuations. If you are confused about where to get the best insurance policy then switch to VirtuousReviews. We provide you the detailed online listing of best variable universal life insurance services in USA. Get the one that suits your needs and protect your family.

What Does Variable Universal Life Insurance Cover?

  • Adjustable premium:- one can skip the payment of premium or skip it, in case the cash value can cover the cost. In case of emergency situation, this feature is ideal.
  • Increase the death benefit:- one can increase or decrease the time of the death benefit coverage. One can also pay a lump sum amount of cash value to increase the benefits and enhance cash value.
  • One can borrow or withdraw cash:- like any other policy, one can withdraw or take a loan from the accumulated cash value but that can decrease your death benefit as well.

Who Should Invest In Variable Universal Life Insurance?

Variable universal life insurance is the best suit for people looking for maximum flexibility. Getting maximum flexibility in insurance would mean that one can expertly monitor the investment performance and take a wise decision regarding allocation of fund for further investment. Investment is risk-oriented. They have the potential to reduce the cash value.

Therefore somebody who is proficient can definitely enjoy the benefit of variable universal life insurance.

What Is The Benefit Of Variable Universal Life Insurance?

  • Death coverage for life:- As long as the premium is paid for the insurance, it will provide protection and death benefit.
  • Growth tax-deferred:- The cash value or the value earned by the investment does require to pay any tax. The beneficiary can get the amount without paying any tax as the amount comes under tax-deferred.
  • Investment variety:- There are many investment options available in variable universal life insurance. The policy holder can decide from a wide range of options.
  • Ability to borrow:- The value accumulated can be borrowed by the policyholder with little or no interest. The cash value can be used in future for paying a premium as well.

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