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Wooden urns are a widely accepted traditional concept, for keeping the ashes. Another reason behind using wooden urn is that it can be universally used. That means that you can use it for infant’s ashes, veteran’s ashes or a pet’s ashes or more. Wooden Urns are generally made of maple, ash or walnut wood and are finished by using abrasives and wax polishes. Apart from holding the ashes, wooden urns can also add up to beauty on your shelf.

Applications of wooden urn:

There are a lot of places where a wooden urn can be used. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Infant funeral Urn:- wooden urns are appropriate to be used for holding a child’s ashes.
  • Angel funeral Urn:- Angel crafted wooden urn, using different qualities of wood
  • Memory funeral urn:- Wooden customisable urns with photograph and message
  • Companion funeral urn:- Wooden urn to share the ashes of the deceased
  • Outdoor funeral Urn:- Wooden urns which are meant to keep outdoors
  • Warrior Urn:- urns to hold a soldier’s ashes
  • Veteran Funeral Urn:- A wooden urn with decedent’s life details with a message or an idea they stood for, inscribed on its face.

In few stores, you may also find urns made of wood and metal both. In metal, generally, bronze is used after it is clinically treated for corrosion resistance.