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A major part of Aryan funeral practice, cremation is practiced by religions, which believe that the soul leaves the body, after death. In earlier days, people would incinerate the body of their loved ones over a pile of bamboo shoots. Later came the incineration chambers, which made cremation cost efficient. They replaced the use of wood by bio-fuel, in cremation. In incineration chambers, a body alone is set afire and its remains are collected.

You can also choose to have a casket prior to cremating the deceased by contacting the cremation services. And for several reasons like that, cremation is becoming the funeral of choice for many.

Why should you pre-plan your own funeral?

Here are a few reasons why you should plan your creation before the time comes:

  • Pre-planning your cremation saves your family from doing the mind work. To know if what kind of wood, casket, and other accessories you want, is completely impossible for another person;
  • planning your cremation may strike your family as a monetary complication, at the time of death. While you can make financial arrangements easily. And pre-planned cremation services cost much lesser than what a family bears.
  • only you can plan to create an environment at your funeral. With a lot of option in services, you can make your family involved in a meaningful cremation.
  • If you die with your final words still unsaid, you can have them expressed at the time of your death