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Harp & Soul


( 11 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

Lever harps are more mobile due to their smaller size and lighter weight. Lever harps come in various shapes and sizes. However, they are more limited in their repertoire as the pitch of strings can o ... Read more

Etude entertainment


( 9 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

Etude Entertainment was founded in February 2013 by singer, songwriter, and pianist Rica Tan out of a passion for providing professional, unique musical entertainment to those in Atlanta and the surro ... Read more

Lark Chamber Music


( 3 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

Dr. Vera Ilyushina was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Growing up in a very musical family she started her first music lessons at the age of 2. Showing great promise she toured extensively throughout ... Read more

Founded in 1996, Amati Chamber Music is one of the most highly respected and sought-after providers of classical music for Atlanta's elite events. Amati performers are full-time, professional mus ... Read more

Forty years ago, two guys in Richmond, VA took a chance and started a company that promised to bring the very best entertainment to every client event. Specializing in college, club and private party ... Read more

The Sentimental Journey Orchestra (SJO) is an19 member big band that has been playing for audiences in Atlanta and throughout the southeast since 1975. If you love to dance and listen to the big band ... Read more

Let the knowledge and experience of a world-class wedding MC/DJ entertainer work with your family, friends, banquet captain and other vendors you have selected, to direct the entire production of your ... Read more

Kristi Abram Pass began her studies at the piano as a child, and later went on to pursue voice and harp training. While living in the Seattle, Washington area, she studied harp with Patricia Wooster a ... Read more

We are Atlanta’s Entertainment Leaders. We pride ourselves in sharing our expertise in service & event performance at a full-time level. Your event will be professionally executed at the bes ... Read more

Rich hails from Cincinnati, Ohio where he comes from a background rich in music and theatre! In 1986, he came to Atlanta as the leader of a show band known as Kid Glove. After completing the stint at ... Read more

Over the past 10 years, the buying public has come to recognize that businesses awarded the Consumers’ Choice Award have truly earned the trust and respect of consumers in the Atlanta community. ... Read more

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