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Shiv Mandir of Atlanta


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Atlanta, USA

Shiv Mandir of Atlanta is open to all, though it caters mainly to the devotees belonging to Atlanta and its suburbs. We have ambitious plans to move the temple from its present location to a temple bu ... Read more

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For the new house or for the amends in the existing house you need a guidance of the person who is capable to note down the things that are invisible and intangible for us. With their knowledge they can instruct what changes are needed and how the construction is to be followed. In a newly built house while making the first entrance in it there are some rituals which are to be followed and you only need pandits to complete the process by reciting the rites. We have listed the best Pandits For House exclusively for you.

There are few things which are to be considered before materializing the decision of hiring the pandit. Checking the availability and getting the confirmation and giving the confirmed date to the pandit. We would rather say that you should make the complete and detailed query of the rituals and process that will be conducted by the pandit. The commuting arrangement of the pandit and make sure whatever will be decided eventually will be followed identically. Ask about the detailed modifications if needed as per the need of the hour, then how will the pandit handle all those. Make sure your idea should be surpassed vividly to the pandit nothing should be left on the concluding note.

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